Our solutions are applicable to wide range of industries and services. We provide the solutions powered by IoT and RFID technologies in order to streamline your process and help you to provide seamless services to your customers.

  1. Dairy Farming: We provide comprehensive solutions for the dairy farmer. Our team reviews your work place and provides tailored solutions to meet customer needs. Using the right solution could yield more production and revenue from dairy farming. We strive hard to provide comprehensive advanced solutions resulting in high quality and quantity milk and thus profitable dairy farms.

  2. Animal Tracking: Data Truss provides Animal Tracking RFID Solutions in order to manage and track the livestock. Of late, RFID technology is being used as standard identification process. As per the exporting of animals, companies must have proper tracking and tracing records which mandate the use of RFID. Our team will help you to give you tailored solutions as per your requirements.

  3. Hospital- Patient Tracking (doctor visits, historical data etc): Data Truss works with hospitals and clinics in order to provide the most advanced solutions in patient management and patient tracking. We help them to capture every step of the patient journey with the solutions powered by RFID. The RFID solutions come handy in tracking and monitoring patients, helping doctors to provide optimal care and safety.

  4. Hospitality - Linen tracking etc: Using the RFID technology in linens and uniforms will reduce costs associated processing, laundry, lost items and inventory management. Our RFID solutions will help you to automate the movement and location of linens across multiple facilities. You can check your expenses like cost of towels, sheets and related linens.

  5. Product Authenticity tracking: Data Truss develops RFID solutions that make your product identification process more efficient. The solutions also useful in eliminating many processes those are in place to track and authenticate products. Product RFID tracking easy to integrate, manage and retrieve data upon having requirement.

  6. Solar Panel Tracking: Our IoT and RFID based solutions are efficient in managing and tracking solar panels as well as cost effective. RFID Solar Panel Tracking Module incorporates innovative technology and extensive features to track and mange.