Parking Management

Parking Management

It is challenging for companies and corporate to provide safe and effective parking to their customers. The parking management could take lots to time and you need an application which would give you peace of mind as well as save your valuable time.

Parking is a critical at the places like colleges, offices, shopping malls, hospital, etc.; Data Truss has introduced the solution powered by RFID to address every sort of parking problem.

Our Solution:

Our team designs the solutions for you after evaluating one-site assessment, existing infrastructure and prevalent traffic conditions. The application will provide you great security within the parking area and better ways to manage the parking during peak traffic hours.

By using the software you can automate the process of authorization and entry of registered vehicles in your parking area. A computerized system will track the details for the vehicle through the tools like RFID tags, RFID Reader and the automated process manages the boom barriers.

The application is capable for identifying registered vehicles and allowing them the access to entry and exit and it also handles the vehicle movement very smoothly.

Parking Management Solutions for:

  1. Corporate Parking

  2. Stadium & Shopping Malls

  3. Public Parking Spaces