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Data Truss is providing innovative solutions based on Internet of things (IoT) and Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technologies. Headquartered in Pune, the company has been providing IoT and RFID solutions to its clients helping them in accelerating the growth and productivity.

Automation is the buzz word of late, for a better customer services and engagement, companies are moving towards RFID, IoT and other sophisticated technologies. Data Truss team will help you to identify the major concerns of your business and provide the turnkey solutions to help your business in dealing major challenges. Our consultancy and solutions are aimed to reduce your operations and make your business most competitive empowered by latest technological solutions. Data Truss will help you lead your business beating your competitors and peers.

Having rich domain experience in delivering best RFID and IOT solutions, Data Truss team strive hard to provide you the best solutions that fits into your business model and budget. We have a passion to understand your challenges first prior recommending any kind of solutions. Our team has a policy to follow many level of customer engagement in order to study their challenges and recommend them future-ready technology.


Besides a core team with rich experience, Data Truss has a policy for R&D in order to provide most sophisticated technologies to our valuable clients. Our activities at the R&D centre help to understand the major challenges of our customers and to develop the future ready technologies for our customers. When it comes to research and development, we never comprise on the quality of the services and solutions, thus, we do invest and test our products and solutions with latest testing tools, hardware and platforms.

Our dedicated and experienced team has been involved in high-level R&D to innovate better solutions and technologies giving our customer most cost-effective solutions. We aim to develop smart solutions for your business making your business a world-class.

We believe that our solution powered by intelligence capabilities and data analytics will help you to take better business decisions.

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