Campus Automation & Management

Date Truss’s Campus Automation & Management help educational institutions go fully automated without any human intervention further. The application is the right kind of solutions for campus to optimize and automate various processes and activities. With campus automation, student management is simple and easy even with limited manpower or no manpower. Fully automated process will capture all the data and movement of the students inside the campus. The institution need to provide RFID enables cards to each and every student. The software will capture most valuable data as per the requirement of the institution. The application will help your institution in handling following tasks:

  1. Attendance Tracking

  2. Time tracking

  3. Movement Tracking

  4. Library Automation

  5. Payment Automation- Fee/Fine/ Canteen Purchase

Vehicle Access & Control Management

Managing vehicles is a tedious task. It is hard to track the vehicle movements and for this, companies need manpower to control and manage effectively. By switching to RFID solutions, companies can effectively manage vehicle and control them without intervention of huge manpower. RFID readers will read the vehicle information and store in the database, during the report generation; companies can get their desired reports. Besides, in real time, it is very easy to control vehicle movement (entry/exit) with the RFID solutions.

The application is best fit for:

  1. Corporate Parks

  2. RWA

  3. Academic Institutions

  4. Hospitality Industry

Asset & Inventory Management

Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) technologies are enhanced using the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). Managing the asset and inventory is much easier like never before. The technology is useful for the companies handing huge stock of inventory and assets.

Tracking the stock move and assets valuation is quite difficult task and with AIDC technologies make the job easy. For this, the companies need to tag their products, assets; inventory with RFID tags and the system will scan and track the movements. It will store the data, which will help to get the proper reports and it will help to take a better decisions.

The application will useful and serves all the purposes including financial accounting, theft deterrence and preventative maintenance.

The application is useful for the following activities:

  1. Warehouse management

Parking Management

Companies have been using latest technologies for effective parking management. The solutions powered by RFID and AIDC are considered as more effective.