We provide advanced booking engine that is built on an extensive customer feedback, the enhanced user interface with features like progress meter, collapsible menus, clear call to action button and real-time availability of items allowing users to book more quickly and efficiently.
The booking engine also features an in-page modification option so that the users would never have to go back a step to make changes in the booking. The booking engine also provides users with relevant add-on at the point of sell so as to enhance the overall value of the package and creates customer satisfaction. The booking engine does so with the intelligent up-sell functionality built-in to the booking path that checks the user selection at each and every step and continuously searches for better option both with respect to price and service levels.
What it includes:
  • Easy and streamlined user experience
  • Easy management of inventory to faster booking completion
  • Expanded calendar views to promote flexible and lowest priced dates (as well as extended stays)
  • Enhanced media capabilities, including automated image slideshows and side-by-side room comparisons
  • Detailed analytics and reporting on user behavior
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