Your drivers and your vehicles are amongst the core components of your business. Managing both of these component is vital as it not only limits cost but also brings in operational efficiency. These improvements flows into the success of the business. Tracking a trip and managing the drivers associated with your travel agency will go a long way on how customer perceives your travel agency once they have availed your services. There are various individual solutions available in the market that caters to this problem but what you need is not individual solution but an integrated one which is integrated with your booking management system as well as your inventory management system. TravDots provides some unique insights to make that understanding easier.
What it includes:
  • Categorize which trips are profitable.
    1. Providing a perfect trip is difficult and it is even more difficult to replicate that day in and day out. We help you in understanding the features of a profitable trip. Once you know which trip is profitable to you and which trips are preferred by your customer, you can start providing the same to other customers as well as make that service your core competency.
  • Build your human capital
    1. Knowing and understanding the things that were not upto the customer’s satisfaction level when it comes to a driver’s interaction with the customer, goes a long way in helping you to improve your customer satisfaction levels. Building and managing your drivers’ pool will help you to build your travel agencies brand as the driver representing your company interacts the most with your customer.
  • How do I set this up
    1. The best thing about TravDots platform is that the trip and driver management tools comes integrated with the platform so that you don’t have to go the extra mile to set up an individual management tool.
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