Managing the complete inventory at one place is itself a herculean task, leave apart the sorting of various items on the basis of price and categories. Our customized inventory management system understands your need and provides solution that not only helps in saving time maintaining the inventory at one place but provides easy control to broadcast a select category to a greater number of demand centers so that you get maximum value of your inventory.

What it includes:
  • Centralized Product list.
    1. Keep your products organized with pictures, prices, and categories.
  • Multi-location inventory
    1. Track your inventory located at multiple location from a single screen
  • Multichannel for more sell
    1. Integrate your online website with our inventory management suite and enjoy the benefits of real-time inventory across the business process.
  • Analytics for everyone
    1. Generate easy to understand reports to understand visually how your business is doing, which are your best selling products and track sales cycle.
Our inventory management system is integrated with a B2B marketplace platform so that you can derive the maximum from your inventory. TravDots marketplace enables you to cater to inbound and outbound travelers in a seamless manner as every business lead generation and business service provider are rated based on transaction history creating sustainability and reliability.

What it includes:
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